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Chemapan close corporation specializes in the "Science of phase separation and water remediation".

The company is a recognized leader in Reverse Osmosis and Ultra filtration on process streams, brackish and sea water desalination.

Company background

In 1989, Chemapan commissioned its' first UF system in the Automotive E-Coat market at August Laepple, an automotive parts manufacturer. Shortly thereafter a system with 100 x 4" membranes was installed at Samcor (Ford and Mazda.) To date Chemapan has installed E-Coat UF systems at BMW, Delta (GM), Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen and many small automotive parts makers. Chemapan now controls 98% of this market in South Africa.

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Financial Strength

Chemapan is a financially strong company. We have the resources to perform projects up to a value of 1 million US dollars. This financial strength assures clients that we have the strength to perform and support the system after installation. Our commitment assures you that we will remain strong to service the system and meet our guarantees. Back to top


We are a small but productive company with a firm belief in making our personnel more effective and efficient through training and using the best fabrication techniques available. As the company is a Chemical Engineering company, the majority of the design work is carried out by the owners and other system integrators. Back to top

Areas of expertise

1. Swimming & Fountain pool filtration plant, including chlorination, dosing, activated carbon addition and Ozonation. We only accept work on pools with a volume exceeding 300 m3. Together with a Spanish Company we can offer a total package for Wave Pools, "Master Blaster" systems, slides, Standing waves and other recreational systems.

2. Potable water plants: We specialize in small plant from 2 m3 to 100 m3/hr, using a modular design and refurbished shipping containers as plantrooms. Skid mounted units are also built.

3. Sewage plant: Our systems use both the Activated sludge method and caters to communities of 150 to 1200 people.

4. E-Coat Ultra filtration: We have successfully installed and run Ultra filtration plants at all the major Automotive Companies in South Africa. We have broadened our market to SE Asia and the Americas.

5. Reverse Osmosis: Chemapan has installed plant from Pharmaceutical, through Electronics grade Ultrapure water, brackish water, potable, laboratory reagent water, demineralization plants to two pass RO's for USP 23 water production. In East Africa we have installed plants ranging from Brackish water demineralization plant to drinking water to bottled water plants. Plants were supplied to Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Mali and the Seychelles Islands.

Our biggest market is obviously South Africa, where we have successfully completed projects in the following fields: Sea water filtration for a Fisheries Co. in Namibia (60 m3/hr.) Numerous drinking water plants (Including "Brown water" i.e. full of Humus.) 3 to 35 m3/hr and multiples thereof. A water recycling plant for treatment of waste from an explosives factory. - UAE. Hydrochloric acid recovery from an Olefin stream at National Chemical Products. Waste water recovery at a car assembly plant ( Ford SA) (120 m3/h), Numerous Reverse Osmosis plants for Laboratory use, pharmaceutical use, electronics and general brackish water to potable water plants. (100 l/hr to 60 m3/h) PACT (Powder activated carbon treatment) of a waste water stream at a VCM plant -Polifin Filtration of borehole water for nurseries to get rid of nematodes and fungi etc. Ozonation Chlorination Numerous swimming pool filtration systems. Ultra filtration of ED paint baths for car assembly plants. Tubular Anodes for ED paint baths Cartridge filter installations from 75 micron to 0.2 micron. Dual media pressure filtration from 2 m3/hr to 150 m3/hr. RO water for Kidney Dialysis.

Two Pass RO for Intravenous Solution systems. (Malawi & Mozambique) Waste water treatment plant at EnviroServe Ltd SA. ( Major waste treatment Co. in SA.) We entered the Export market five years ago and sold to our immediate neighbor's and Thailand. Recently we have sold domestic water plants, and water make up plants (for Juice concentrate.) To Tanzania, Uganda and Congo. Also bottled water preparation and mineral preparation and bottling plant to Kenya. Seychelles is an old client of ours and has 12 brackish water RO plants installed on various islands for Hotels, Prawn farms and normal residential requirements. The oldest plant is now 7 years old (and still operating at the specified flow rates).

If you are interested in any specific process please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chemapan intends to carry on growing in the export market through dedicated agents and joint ventures in set geographical areas.

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